ALCO a family tradition for almost thirty years

ALCO is a wholly Canadian company founded in 1985. As a manufacturer, distributor of brake products, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive range of friction products in North America. In fact, we offer products for automotive, heavy truck and bus, motorcycle and motorsport vehicle, industrial application on and off road and for the energy industry. Our products come in a diversified range of friction formulas covering all applications of disc brakes pads, drum brakes shoes and emergency brakes. Our clients benefit from our adaptability and our clear vision for the industry. We are the ideal alternative to the industry giants.

Renowned for our flexibility and innovative spirit, ALCO Brakes Inc, continues to progress in the field of friction products. Guided by specific goals, our experienced and dedicated team is able to develop customized products quickly. Always on the lookout for the latest technologies, ALCO Brakes Inc, relies on a fleet of modern and sophisticated equipment as well as a young and dynamic team to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding clientele.

Our environment concerns

ALCO have always stood out for its manufacturing processes and its policy of rejection towards the environment. Today more than ever, companies say’s they are green. At ALCO, we are really doing our part for the next generation by adopting cleaner ways of doing things without risk to the environment. Our remanufactured brake shoes program is a concrete example. We are the sole manufacturer of relined brake shoe in Canada and we intend to increase our capacity in this field. Our leading edge remanufacturing processes allow us to offer a superior product to compete on the braking capacity and life time at a great price. The shoes are remanufactured using gig providing a perfect fit for worries free installation . We can remanufacture virtually all brake shoes under this program.

Quality Policy

ALCO Brakes offers to its partners relationship based on direct contacts. From the outset, we understood that our services must be tailored to the needs of our clientele to give them an added value. The continuous development of our methods and the ongoing modernization of our facilities are intended for only one goal: exceeds our customer’s expectation.

Mission statement

Teaming together for it

ALCO Brakes is committed to its customers and partners to provide brake products of high quality and a faultless service. With the experience of our team, our technology vision and diversity of our products, we are your braking solution for a world in motion!

Our Vision

Teaming together for it

Be the reference for our customers through continuous improvement, advanced technology and strong mutually beneficial partnerships. Be a company where teamwork, respect, happiness and productivity are values shared by all in a clean and stimulating environment.