Our expertise fields


ALCO Brakes offers to the automotive network the most comprehensive friction program available. Our range starts with applications for the most recently developed platform and goes back to motorcar roots, for domestic and imported vehicles. We proudly earned a first to market reputation in the automotive field for our brake pad, brake shoe and emergency brake program. Our automotive products are manufactured using low resin formulas and constant pressure positive molding process which is the same process used today by the leading original equipment manufacturers. This leading edge process and post curing step will minimize the break-in period and eliminate risk of fade.

Motorcycle and powersports

ALCO motorcycles and recreational vehicles brake pads are manufactured based on modern metallurgy carbon fiber semi-metallic formula providing high thermal and mechanical resistance and a superior friction coefficient. Manufacturing technologies and a proven quality control ensure a strict quality product. The disc brake applications covered under this program include motorcycles, ATVs, Go-karts and golf-kart.

Buses and heavy trucks

For over fifteen years, ALCO has become a leader in brake pads offering for buses and heavy vehicles as well as brake blocks for buses and trucks. We have built our reputation on a clear vision of the future for this aftermarket segment, which today earned us recognition as a leader among the transit authorities and private carriers. Whatever the size of the vehicle, we have the product that suit your needs. Our heavy vehicles brake products are made with only one concern in mind the one of quality. The exclusive friction retention grid, combined with the constant pressure positive molding process certifies a foolproof amalgam between friction material and the retaining backing plate.

Industrial friction

Our range of industrial friction products is the most comprehensive available in North America. It includes molded disc brake pads, various friction pucks, drilled or undrilled shoe segment, toothed or plain friction discs, the possibilities are endless. With over a dozen different blends of friction, you will find products ALCO in various sectors such as railway, elevators, rolling or stationary equipment, concrete plants, paper mills, cranes and many others.


Back in 2004 ALCO installed its first pair of brake pads on wind turbines. Various advanced technologies both in terms of materials and manufacturing processes are used in the manufacturing of our energy products that must perform in a hostile environment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our founder fifty years experience in brake manufacturing has been greatly helpful to develop this division. Today, ALCO enjoy great success in the field of energy mainly due to our quick adaptation and fast reaction capacity. You will find our products in various applications spheres of energy where only the best can be distinguished. Our products are widely used on high-speed shaft and yaw brakes system of wind turbines.


ALCO offers a comprehensive range of friction products for relining shops. Whether its brake pad, slabs, friction disc with or without tooth, segment without holes, riveted segment, segment with adhesive or flexible roll segment of various sizes, ALCO has the ability to provide the product to suit your needs.